Feminized Seeds for CBD-rich Hemp

NorthCo Farms™| Dynamic Hemp Farming Partnerships™

We produce high-quality feminized hemp seeds that provide best-in-class cultivars to hemp farmers and wholesalers around the world. Our non-GMO 100% Type III and IV hemp-derived CBD genetics are ideal for cultivators seeking to yield an abundance of CBD-rich biomass to maximize profit potential.  Our stable and reliable feminized hemp seeds meet all USDA Seed Handler requirements as well as Colorado's stringent CDA guidelines. All of our varieties are Delta-9 THC compliant and our COAs are pre-harvest sampled thirty-days before harvest. We operate in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

We pollinate year round in our tightly sealed indoor-controlled environments where we adhere to a strict set of SOP's that ensure and eliminate any chance of cross pollination. Our ground breaking breeding techniques are the real foundation of our success. Rest assured no-one can replicate our genetic sequencing since our mothers and lineages are secure and protected in-house and will never be released to the public. As one of our partner farms, you have the unique opportunity to cultivate with seeds as close to our F1 as possible - a true competitive advantage over any other farmer!   

All of our dynamic genetics go through extensive R&D and field testing that create unparalleled results for our partners.  We are constantly innovating and developing world-class genomics to meet the demand of any environment. Whether your farming at a latitude that demands an auto-flower, or if you're in a state that tests for full THC instead of just Delta-9, we can accommodate. 

Your Success is our Passion

Our Colorado based facility is home to our incredible team of world class growers and geneticists who are genuinely committed to providing you with a solid foundation - our genetics. Without a doubt, this is the single most important factor in your success, which is why we are so confident that our CBD-rich feminized seeds are the right choice for your farm. 

Dynamic Hemp Farming Partnerships™ for CBD Supply Chains

Choosing the right seeds for your crop is the largest investment your company will make this season and we don't take this burden lightly.  We know how important this decision is and that's why when you buy from NorthCo Farms™ not only are you getting a world-class genetic, you are gaining a world-class partner!  

Our team will provide you with top level support that includes our recommended SOP's (standard operating procedures) that give you best-practices for germination, plant spacing, growing, harvesting, and marketing your crop. This information is essential -- and would take a novice farmer years and significant losses to learn this kind of real world working knowledge.  This type of built-in value is one of the many perks you get when you partner with us for your successful hemp farm.

Not All Genetics are Created Equal

Buyer beware, there are many pop-up seed companies out there. The catch is -- many of these dubious individuals or companies are simply brokering your seed transaction, therefore, there's no certainty that the seeds they are selling you will do what they say they will do or if they'll meet your expectations.

Watch out for keywords like: "mostly feminized" or "mostly this or that," those are catch phrases for, "I'm not really sure what these seeds can produce." Don't make the mistake of committing to inferior unproven genetics -- you run a high-risk of losing millions of dollars in potential revenue, not to mention the possibility of pollinating a neighboring farmers' crops, which can ultimately lead to costly lawsuits.

Contrarily, at NorthCo Farms™ we are delivering highly-unique and highly-resilient non-GMO 100% Type III and IV CBD-rich hemp varietals that are shaping our industry and pushing the boundaries of cannabis production as we know it. Our genetics are essential for forward thinking farmers looking for a competitive advantage. 

The Art of Compliance

With over 50 years in combined organic farming experience our team of professionals understands your intrinsic demand for quality CBD-rich genetics. To ensure this quality criteria, all of our seeds are third party tested at the highest standards available today and they meet all of Colorado's strict CDA guidelines. We cultivate in-house in our hemp licensed facility in Weld County, Colorado and we manage every step of the process so we can say with integrity, we are the partner you've been looking for.