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NorthCo Farms™

Peach Mint Kush - CBD-Rich Feminized Hemp Seed

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With a high demand from hemp farmers to push their agronomic boundaries, we developed this CBD-rich seed genetic with you in mind.  Ambitious entrepreneurs like you demanded progress and we've delivered with our proprietary Peach Mint Kush created specifically for farmers looking for maximum production of hemp-derived CBD.  

This is our third year working with this variety. During the first year we field tested mother stock, and after selecting the best performing varieties from our study, we began breeding work. Its based off the T1 or #5 line, which was originally (Cherry x Cherry) The second year we did indoor and outdoor test runs of our new feminized varieties and this variety is the one that stood out and we knew it would undoubtedly give our partners the best opportunity for success - and we were right!

This field-ready strain requires little maintenance, is resistant to mold and mildew, and tolerates both high heat and frost. Expect uniform structure across your fields with gorgeous densely packed colas and incredibly intense terpene profiles with hints of over ripened peaches and a mist of mint hookah.

Aside from being an excellent choice for producing CBD-rich biomass, farmers selling this as cured CBD-flower will experience high demand from the booming trimmed flower market.  This grade "A" flower is a fast seller and is also excellent for Full Spectrum CBD oil extraction. 

This is another one of our incredibly robust performers that is ideal for both full-term and early finishes. The plant is hearty, with thick stocks, big leaves, and short-inter-nodal spacing that fills out its Christmas tree like structure beautifully.   In general we recommend a rate of 2,200+ plants/acre depending on if you are planting early or late. As always, drip irrigation is preferred.

T1 x T1


Late September

8 Weeks

Up to 23% indoor | Up to 18-25% outdoor

The nose on this beauty is absolutely outstanding. It has a hearty backbone of freshly opened tennis balls, with hints of over ripened peaches and a mist of mint hookah to balance out the mix

5ft high x 4ft wide (spacing is critical) depending on an early or late finish

Approximately 2,200 per acre depending on early or late planting. 
6 x 6 spacing @ 2,200 
6 x 4 spacing @ 1,800


*(1) Your method of farming may affect CBD concentrations. NorthCo Farms™ compliance results are obtained 30 days pre-harvest (compliant with Colorado CDA sampling laws), therefore, as a result, may not be an accurate representation of your final CBD concentrations.
*(2) Third party (pre-harvest) testing of our seed varietals has consistently met THC compliance with less than 0.3% THC which makes our product legal in all 50 states

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